Allow users to choose the unit of measurement when entering weights (body/milk weight kg/lb, milk liters).
Currently all farms should be set to "standard" if users wish to see the data as it was entered. This causes weights that were taken in kilos to show up with the incorrect unit.
Example: calf birthweight taken as 72 kilos - added unit in the note of the event. When the units are set to standard, on the cowcard it shows 72 lb.
When we change the unit to metric, on the cowcard it now shows 32 kg. When in metric, when a weight event is added, BoviSync assumes the weight is recorded in lb and will convert the value to kg. So a weight entered of 72 will show as 32kg or 72lb depending on what setting you've chosen.
This is extremely confusing for the international market as everyone works with kilos, and enters the weights as kilos, but on the cowcard it shows as lb.
**EDIT: standard/metric switch is now hidden. all farms are set to 'standard' to prevent lb>kg unit conversion calculation on entered values. However, this means that all values show as 'lb'